What Is Seo

Just set up an alert for your brand and BuzzSumo will show you where there’s a missing link. Link juice, sometimes called link equity, is the value and authority that a web page link or site link passes to another web page as far as Google is concerned. Examples of structured data in action include recipe cards and answer boxes, which give searchers a complete—or almost complete—answer to their search query. Structured data, also known as schema markup, is a way to classify your content to help Google show even more relevant results. Learn how to measure site speed with tools like GTMetrix here. Keeping images compressed minimizes site load times, but it’s not the only factor to look at.

One thing it’s worth doing is checking how much mobile traffic you have. That way you’ll know if you should already be looking after mobile SEO, or you have a couple of weeks to do it. Google has 95% of the mobile search market, so optimizing for mobile means optimizing for Google. With recent Google changes, failure to look after mobile SEO could result in search invisibility, and mobile’s bringing other changes you’ll need to be ready for.

To ensure you’re getting the right results, you need to assess your existing traffic and carry out a website health check by doing an SEO audit. Two tools to help with local SEO are BrightLocal and MozLocal . Write for people first, and you can’t go wrong with Google.

You can click on any keyword in the table to get a full report for that keyword. When you’re logged in, go to SEO Toolkit » Keyword Research » Keyword Overview. You can also complete a search and look at the terms that appear in the “searches related to” box at the bottom of SERPs.

Sites can also be slow because of having too many page requests, too many scripts, and unoptimized code. To use Screaming Frog, type your main site URL into the search box, and you’ll soon be able to see all the page titles and meta descriptions it finds .

Meta descriptions show up under the title of a search results entry. Page titles describe your page and are the first line of your search results entry. They tell both Google and searchers marketing p’s what your page is about. And you can also include local search variants where relevant. It’s also worth looking Ad group ideas, which is another tab on the results page.