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One of the simplest is to use the autocomplete function in Google. Start to type, and the suggested phrases are keywords you could consider. Keep track of the keywords you think of in a list or spreadsheet, and keep this handy as you go through the keyword research process. Whichever way you choose to categorize keywords, one of the most important steps in SEO is doing keyword research. As we’ve said, it’s useful to think about what searchers intend to find when they enter a particular word or phrase.

A good way to keep track of links is to use the site audit tool built into SEMrush. After you’ve set up a project to track site metrics, as described earlier, go to SEO Toolkit » On Page & Tech SEO » Site Audit. You also need to think about whether links are dofollow, and pass link juice, or nofollow, and don’t.

But if you want to find even more of them, you can use LSIGraph to discover longtail terms related to your main keywords. Just type in your keywords, and you’ll usually get a pretty long list.

That’s because these appear at the top of the search results to give immediate answers to searchers’ questions. Once you have your keywords, there are several places to include them. Again, make a note of any you might want to add to seo audit tools your target keywords. Add suitable keywords to your list of target keywords, or click the Export button to export them into a spreadsheet. Both those methods will give you some of the LSI or semantic keywords we mentioned earlier.

You’ll also want to check that links to images work as they should, and aren’t broken. Page titles and descriptions affect what people see in search results, so it’s essential to check these out in any audit. Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a great free tool for doing this. Check out our guide to using keywords for SEO and our on-page SEO checklist for more help with this. And of course, in all these cases, you’ll use some of the keywords from your research. This is a great place for your content to be, especially if your answer box makes people want to click through.