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Use anchor text to imply that the page you are linking to is about the keyword or phrase you use as your anchor. By using various headline tags , you not only make your web page easier to digest from a reader’s standpoint, but you will also give the search engines definitive clues as to what is important on the page. Come up with a title that resonates with the user and is easy to understand, and make sure your meta description provides an honest summary of that page. Remember, Google and other search engines are very likely to penalize you for not following the rules.

The second time you would need to update your title tags and meta descriptions is if you have just updated your keyword strategy. These elements should strongly reflect your keyword strategy, so if you have changed any of these keywords, then it is also time to revisit to ensure they align properly. Now links must be obtained by creating audit seo original, thought-provoking content that is then shared through social profiles. When creating content for your website on your blog or on specific webpages, you may want to reference other pages on your website. You can reference these other pages by inserting a link to another webpage within a specific webpage’s content.

And with 24/7 access to your account dashboard, you can track all the latest developments. is the work that goes into your website to help you rank higher when customers search for your business online. According to, 81% of all purchases begin with an online search. That means the higher your site ranks in relevant searches, the more likely customers will choose your business over a lower-ranking competitor.

Normally, search engines can’t see what your image is because they only will be able to see the image file’s name. You can help search engines know what an image is by including alt tags or alt text. This is a tag that appears when you hover your mouse’s cursor over an image. This enables Google and other search engines to have context about the image you’re showing.