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A set of activities aimed at improving the authority of your website . A set of activities aimed at improving the quality of your content. This is a great way to stay informed about any dramatic changes without spending all the time glued to the screen with the data tables.

Most analytic tools will allow you to set up email alerts that will notify you if certain conditions are met. Google Analytics and most rank trackers will allow you to create annotations to add context to your analytics dashboards.

It enables you to look at the data within various time frames or compare two time periods. Selecting the right time frame is the first thing you should do when working with any analytics tool.

You can go to the Source/medium report, compare two time periods to see a source/medium combination that has the biggest increase in users when compared to the previous time period. Besides seeing the performance of your pages, it is also very important to know where your traffic comes from. It is also a great report to use when website seo analysis analyzing the organic traffic from Google . The Landing Pages report is very similar to the All Pages report, but it only shows the top pages people used to enter your website. There’s a simple search option above every data table to narrow down the results. You can find the date range selector at the top right of every report.

Remember that you don’t need to analyze all the metrics all the time, but it is good to have a basic overview of what they mean to avoid data misinterpretation. Pageviews – a pageview is counted every time a visitor visits a page; if the page is visited repeatedly by one user, multiple page views are counted .