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While you might occasionally have an off-topic piece of content , you generally want to keep all the content you post relevant to the overall topic of your site. Because you can’t control who links to you, it’s possible to disavow backlinks that you think might harm your online reputation. Additionally, a big part of SEO is sitemapping and schema markup. And you can help Google navigate your site and learn how different pieces of your content is related to each other bylinking to other articles on your own site. Google will then understand your site a little better (and your readers get more information on the topics they’re reading about). As a rule of thumb, you should spend as much time promoting your content as you do creating it. Authority is gained through links from as many websites as possible, as well as from authoritative websites.

If you want to rank with a page, you need to first make sure that page is getting as much authority and topical relevance as possible from your other pages. Your homepage is a great example of a page that carries a lot of authority. A page acquires topical relevance when it’s linked to from topically related pages using anchor texts describing the topic. Links pass on authority and topical seo for ecommerce relevance from one page to another. This goes for links from within the same website – called internal – as well as for links from outside a website – external links. If you’re targeting a set of keywords with a similar meaning, then map them to the same page. Also take into account the fact that keywords with a lot of competition need to be mapped to strong pages within your website.

All of these questions are answered during the Keyword Research phase. Its outcome black hat seo is the list of keywords that you’re going to incorporate in your website.