Five Ways To Improve Your Site’s Ranking

Then contact all the websites linking to your competitor and ask them to link to you instead. The next step is to find websites that might want to link to you and contact them . There’s plenty of link building techniques, hacks and tips (you can check our big list of 60+ link building techniques for inspiration). Yet, the link selling industry is quite startup marketing strategy alive and buying backlinks is a common practice. Not all forms of link building are spammy or manipulative. In the ideal world, all you would need to earn quality backlinks would be to create great content. Namely, a backlink with an anchor text that is relevant to the linked page is more valuable than the one with an irrelevant or generic anchor.

Last but not least, the PageRank is distributed equally across the linked pages. A backlink from a website that hasn’t linked to you before is usually more valuable than the one from a site that has already linked to you before. There is no official metric by Google that would represent affilaite marketing the authority of a page but there are many metrics by commercial tools that can help you with the estimation. The more authoritative is the linking page, the more value the backlink has for you. This doesn’t mean you should try to get keyword-stuffed anchor texts at any cost.

You’ll be able to see the comparison of your performance on desktop and mobile devices and take appropriate steps when it comes to further optimization of your site. There’s a high chance you can improve the CTR by writing a better title tag and meta description for the page that ranks for the query. Besides the basic data like top queries or top pages, the Performance report is a goldmine of various deeper insights into your site’s search performance. The report you’ll spend the most time with and the one we’ll take a closer look in this chapter is the Performance report. In the last chapter of our complete SEO guide, we’ll take a look at the essential data analytics tools and metrics every website owner should know and use.