10 Effective Seo Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic In 2021

When this happens you end up clicking on a different link, taking you somewhere you never intended to go. Obviously, seo this creates a poor user experience and now it’s possible to measure if and how often this occurs.

Partially because for too long UX was a little bit like voodoo magic. UX also lacked attention because, unfortunately, in marketing there is far too much to do and way too many moving parts for UX to rise to the surface.

WordPress categories are totally fine, provided that you use only one category per hub . He also recommends making content hubs very prominent on the home page, with visual elements leading to landing pages devoted to a specific hub.

If you have entire sections that add no value, they’re siphoning off authority from the other pages,” says Alex. St Louis Web Design focused on conversion rate optimization and graphical fidelity. St Louis Web Design focused on conversion rate optimization, and graphical fidelity. If you’d like more information on Core Web Vitals, or anything relating to digital marketing, please feel free to contact us. This is not your Dad’s SEO. Long gone are the days that you had to just pump enough key-phrases onto your website page to get it to rank. Today’s SEO is a conglomerate of moving parts and pieces that can keep any marketer scrambling just to keep up. For far too long the user experience has not gotten the attention that it deserves.